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Originally Posted by BullDogTennis View Post
bahaha, only if you can buy em for me! i am a youngen, i'll on be a sophomore, so i'm only 19! where is this place at? "right on the river next to utc isn't ringing a bell" i woulda thought i would have noticed a 'multi million dollar facility' right next to school! ha

It's litterally on the river right near UTC. If you come out of UTC roundhouse and head toward the river, you'd run smack into the facility before you went into the river. The money is spent on the inside. Now i personally can't see it either but that's what they say and they must have spent quite a few bucks. They are recruiting potential members that haven't been recruited in the past. I don't drink so I won't be buying any beer for any youngins. They I think give those beers away least til their gone. They eat Carrabas as well as other good food.
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