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Default "Hitting" etiquette and purpose, was this guy a jackass or not?

I was asked to "hit" with a new person on my non-USTA league list. I described my USTA level and abilities (high 3.5, low 4.0), and he said it was a good match, so "let's hit."

I met him and we warmed-up and started hitting. He was quite good, and admitted that he played in "Open" in his league, which follows a letter rating system. (I had played with a "B" player from that league previously who was a HUGE challenge for me.)

The hitting session consisted of me hitting to him, and then getting smashed with a deep cross-court winner that I could barely get to. At a break, he said" "you are giving me nothing; just hitting the ball back to me is no challenge."

I said I was trying to rally, and that after a few hits, either one of us could look for an opportunity to put one away. He said "what's the point?" and continued to smash balls away after one hit, into the corner. If he did the first feed, then the ball lasted three hits, as he would put it away it on his second hit.

I tried to do the same, and got him a few times on the second hit, putting it away past him, or lobbing him after pulling him in, and he just got frustrated losing "points" from someone whom he had already deemed beneath him. Needless to say we won't be hitting together again. What is it with people for chrissakes? Any thoughts?
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