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Default Freedom Tennis double's partnering

I was thinking of playing doubles this summer (Freedom Tennis). Having not played usta this past year, I didn't know anyone who could hold their own. So my name was given to another player who was also looking for a compatible partner. She was a 3.5 player, she said. But a singles player.

She said, let's hit. She wanted to see if we were compatible. She never played usta but ranked herself on her own; nor had she ever played doubles. hmm I said to myself....

So at 2 pm we met and hit. It was very hot. She brought a rack of balls to hit with. We rallied for 10 mins and I couldn't tell by her shots how she'd be in doubles. So then I suggested we serve and play the points out. I wanted to see her serve. I saw her serve; and it was mediocre at best. We played points and I was ahead 15-2 when I suggested we bo back and hit again.

She had decided we were compatible; I decided we were not. I was very gracious saying we should continue to hit and play singles afterwards. She was surprised I was not going to be her partner. The other thing I didn't mention was that she was a rigid kind of person. Never laughed; always seemed defensive. I know we're all different people and that's fine but I can't play with someone who acts defemsive all the time.

So I'm not playing Freedom this year but am going to clinics this summer.
I hope I didn't act rude in any way but I thought I was gracious.
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