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Originally Posted by David_86 View Post
...Also I would discount Connors from the 1977 argument. However, I agree with you splitting Connors/Borg in 1978. Most people just tend to see Borg 2 majors to Connors 1 but I would say they performed pretty evenly throughout the year.
In that case why put Agassi over Sampras in 1999? Sampras outperformed in almost every thing better than his rival from Las Vegas (including H2H he repeatedly beat him that year) however Agassi won 2 slams as opposed to Sampras' one. If just one more slam is good enough to put Agassi ahead the it sure is good enough to put Borg ahead of connors.

Based on an unbiased measurement stick Borg comes out on top both in 1977 & 1978.
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