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Originally Posted by dmt View Post
if Nadal is federer's toy, how come federer struggles so much with him? *******
I'm pretty sure federer has strugelled with all of the players i mentioned at some point but in the end federer is number one, and tbh ive never liked federer, my favourite players have been moya hewwit JCF and roddick,

To say that nadal is on par or better than federer is delousional.

Look at the nadal hewwit record, nadal cant beat him on hard and hewwit cant win on clay, theyve both just been people that you hope might be the one to beat federer on there preffered surfaces,

Look at the federer hewitt record and tell me that hewitt hasnt been federers toy since 2004, from 2000-2003 hewitt challenged, this would be the current sitution with-in the rivalry nadal is in.

Roddick also went through a period of challenging federer although he didnt win many of the matches they were far closer than many of the other 6-0 sets,

Safin pushed federer nearly ever time they played despite never really caring too much about the sport,

And then finally you have david nalbandian who has possibly been federers toughest opponent with a 8-10 record, he could beat federer on any surface not just clay or hardcourt or grass like many of his other rivals,

Nadal will eventually hit the part of the rival at the end known as the lossing streak which all these players have entered when there decent record against federer is decimated.
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