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Default Game penalty

So I had a match last week and played Singles. Most of the opposing team showed up way ahead of time, but they ended up defaulting one court and their captain didn't even show up. According to our local rules, if a captain is late to exchange the lineup, all courts result in a loss of toss and 1 game penalty against the team whose captain is late. I guess after realizing they had no captain, one of the players proceeded to do the lineup exchange. Anyways my captain told me and my opponent about the 1 game penalty just as we were about to start.

I immediately told my opponent that I wanted to start at 0-0 because its not his fault that his captain didn't show up or delegate someone to exchange the lineup for him. I don't play USTA tennis to get shortcuts to win, I play it for the fun of competition. To me the rules are there to keep the game fair and fun, and of course as a way to handle disputes. In this case, my opponent did his part by showing up on time ready to play, so I didn't see a need to punish him for someone else's irresponsibility, making the individual match less fair to both of us and even making the computer-analyzed result in tennislink inaccurate.

So would you have taken the penalty or declined it?
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