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Originally Posted by djokster View Post
Yeah, that would be great! Which mc campus?
djokster, the M is gone, but they have L and XL I said, they shrink like mad, so a L would probably shrink down to a M. Let me know if you still want it.

Originally Posted by lidoazndiabloboi View Post
Hi, The_Question
could you pick me up a shirt too
email me at
Size? Color??

They have White RF tee for XL, 1 left. Mahogany RF tee for L (1 left), XL (2 left), $9.99 each. McEnore red polo, tons of size M to XL, $16.99. Blue McEnore Shorts in M, L for white, $16.99. Vapor VI Tour Oreo in 12 and 12.5, one of each for $49.99.

And side note, not exactly related, but scored a Prince Exo3 Black brand new in shrink wrap w/dampener for $39.99 @ Play Again Sports.

Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
question the answer is thanks
Zappy, all you have to do is come to a meet to pick it up, hehe... You can't run away from our 1-on-1 match forever...lmao!!!
Good, cheap, fast, pick 2 out of 3!!
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