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Originally Posted by West Coast Ace View Post
raiden031, you did good.

Can someone help me understand why a league would make such a silly rule? I am not wrapping my head around this one.
Remember, we play timed matches. Two hours and your match is over.

As a result, tardiness is punished severely, and opponents will take your default for tardiness in a New York minute. If a team isn't ready to exchange line-ups 5 minutes before match start time, that is loss of toss and one game on all courts. If a team isn't ready to exchange at match time, that's a forfeit on all courts.

In reality, this particular penalty is rarely enforced. All you have to do to avoid the penalty if find a blank piece of paper and scribble out a line-up. If the captain no-shows, someone on the team will usually step up and do this.

One of my substitute captains tried to enforce the late exchange penalty once. Opposing team could not be found to exchange line-ups for a match at a very large tennis facility. My captain was waiting at the assigned courts; opposing captain says she was waiting in the lobby. My captain greeted the opposing captain with, "You're late. We're entitled to the penalty." Opposing captain said, "Oh, no you're not." At that point, my substitute captain's options were limited to dropping the issue or refusing to play the match and filing a grievance instead. She wisely decided to just play.
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