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I'm the same age as you...I feel your pain, literally. I've never had surgery but only because my insurance sucks and I am too damn cheap to do it.

I've been through PT for my right shoulder and both wrists now. Last year my eye doctor took me out of contacts but I cheat and wear them for tennis. He said they were basically making me go blind.

My knees are still fine (knock on wood) (No, seriously, I just knocked on wood laminate) but my hips get sore. I got a bulging disk last winter lifting some stuff around the house.........

Right now my left wist is the biggest problem. It decided to act up totally opposite from my right wrist (unlar side). I'm doing everything I can, ice, heat, NSAID's, but with our short summers here in Caucasia I am NOT resting it now.

I've wondered how much longer I can do this to my body.

Pretty tough stuff for such a "sissy sport".
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