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Originally Posted by danix View Post
I'm hoping I don't have to. If I have to give up playing USTA leagues and tournaments, I will at least continue to coach my daughters and wife, but that's not the same.

The ACI is intended to replace cartilage that is missing in my knee. Rest may help, as would losing weight (I'm not really overweight but being leaner definitely helps your knees). Building up muscle helps prevent tears and other issues, but won't help with what is essentially a bone-on-bone problem.

Well, if you have modern strokes and use the best of modern equipment, I would seriously consider moving to arm friendly equipment. Remember, there is not a ton of information on folks using the stuff long term, you are probably the canary in that coal mine and look at your recent experience.

As to your legs you have a couple of options: play doubles, play on clay, play less competitively, use a brace (which can take you from being barely able to walk to playing like nothing is wrong).
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