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Default State Championships Question..

Okay okay I'm sure this has been asked before, but I just couldn't find the answer anywhere. So our team has advanced to the State Championships for July (in NC). We have enough players committed but I just want to know what are the rules for defaulting? They have made it very clear (almost in a threatening sense) that we would get fined $100 per defaulted match. What if someone gets into an accident on the way? What about injuries? Injuries before or during a match? I assume there must be "excusable" defaults. Does anyone know the details on this?

And how in the heck do they enforce this? Fine the no-show player? Fine the team? captain? They say it's cumulative. So say we have 1 or 2 injured players after the first match and there are 5 matches left.. That's $500!

I honestly think this is a scare tactic. And I understand since they really don't have any other way to "enforce" this.. But I'm not coughing up $100 b/c someone else slept late.
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