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Originally Posted by montognese View Post
In our District if you know you are going to be short of players, you can request a waiver which have often been granted. Once you get to Sectionals, though, they are usually denied. We had a team default #3 dubs to us at Sectionals last fall and they were indeed fined $100 PLUS the remaining courts started out up 1-0 and with the loss of toss. I was in the #3 dubs slot and was a bit ticked off so I threw my bag down in disgust, rupturing two Gatorade bottles inside that got all over my junk. Lesson learned!
I am not sure why Districts/States need to be such a-holes about this stuff, it is not the end of the world if one line is defaulted due to an emergency or injury, much less penalize the entire team with a late penalty (one game and toss), that is overkill and it is a wonder many players tire of playing under the USTA gestapo.
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