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The majority of cheap suburban courts in Australia are laid with artificial grass. Although it has been described as terrible by pro players it does have a few things going for it: you can slide on it. the ball stays fast on it, and it rewards a big serve (points are short).

Now, every time I go play on hard court eg. an acrylic surface or concrete, it is noticeably very much tougher on the body, needing a much longer recovery, and also prone to give an injury. However I find it better fun to play on (more Western grip, bigger groundstrokes etc).

Anyway, choose an easier surface. More doubles. Enjoy some social tennis. Pretty tough game to do all your life.

ps. is there in some sense the idea that you are at a plateau of playing and don't want to go backwards or downwards? If so then there can really be nothing to trun back father time.
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