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I feel you bro. I am 40 and have always been ion excellent condition. I played a lot of tennis in my teens and early 20's then stopped. I got back into it about 4 years ago and played 4.0 tournaments and guys at my level many days a week. Well, I am having hip replacement surgery in 2 weeks. Had the hip scoped 6 months ago to no avail. There is no doubt that while my hips are genetically on hard courts..competitive and being obsessed with it...definately sped up my joint deterioration. * can tell you this, after I have my hip (and possibly both) replaced...I will probably only play on clay and will not worry about playing 4.0 4.5 type tournaments. I probably can't anyway. I know another guy who has had one hip replaced in 2000 and one hip resurfaced and he can still play at that level but he is REALLY good and has a smooth game. He is a teaching pro.

No doubt..modern competitive tennis on a hrd court will get you eventually. The sport is hard on joints (hard court). I played a very aggressive style too and would constantly be changing directions and moving forward....doesn't matter, hard courts will get you.
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