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Originally Posted by Automatix View Post
It doesn't make sense really. If someone was to develop a frame for her it would be Prince not Head...
And admit that there is something 'wrong' with her current stick? I can see why they wouldn't

Originally Posted by bsandy View Post
There are exit critera in every contract.
My thought exactly. That's what lawyers are for.

Originally Posted by liehssahmster View Post
Seems to me exit criteria could work both ways. Why wouldn't Prince be happy to get out of this contract that doesn't seem to be working for either party?
That's true too. Sharapova and others on the WTA play so infrequently that the companies lose the best advertising - fans watching matches. Paying Jankovic 1/4 what they pay Blondie and having her play 2x the number of tournaments is a better investment.
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