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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Success on second serve has always been a major key to winning matches. Jack Kramer used to think it was one of the keys if the not the main reason he was so effective as a serve and volleyer.

I was watching the last Nadal/Federer match and the commentators were mentioning how Federer seems to how more problems with Nadal's second serve because he needs pace on the backhand to return effectively.

One stat I would love to be able to get is the effectiveness of Connors on his first serve and second serve during his prime of around 1973 to 1983.
A stat I'd like to get is Kramer's success on second serve; but God knows the likelihood of such old matches turning up on video.

That was Robbie Koenig who said that about Federer/Nadal. But at some point I'd like to rewatch the match and look at the second serves in particular. He may be right, but the 2010 Madrid final was the only Fed/Nadal match in which this happened (someone getting higher success on second than on first).

As for Connors, well who knows. In those two matches above he's doing better on second serve, but in other matches (81 W and USO vs. Borg), he's got more typical numbers (higher success on first serve). The key is getting this stat more consistently; most of the matches we've counted stats, we didn't do success on first and second balls (until recently).

I'd like to see that stat for servers like Cash or Edberg, yet we haven't got any (except from the ATP, and you know the problem with those).

Maybe I'll get that stat for Laver-Rosewall at Dunlop, since some of you seem interested in the stats for that match.

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