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Originally Posted by DrAiN View Post
Hi there, I read that even if a string is pulled at e.g. 25kg, friction in the strings reduce the tension when stringing. Is it true? How much does it reduces? If they say, for example that Nadal's racket was stringed at 25 kg, does it mean that the real stiffness is lower than that, or professional stringing is able to keep It accurate?

Most of the time I string my racquets at around 52lbs with a poly and 58-60 with a multi or syn gut. I would get stringmeter readings around 50 and 55-6 respectively right after stringing. The meter is not that accurate but I reckon you would lose a lb or two more or less imediately. Less with a poly. RSI test tension loss with a "little hammer" type method. Would be interesting to see if they just pulled and left it in what the loss would be. You could probably work it out if you were dilligent with a lockout machine and a stringmeter by just stringing the first main I reckon.
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