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It kinda reminds me of the nasal dilator strips that so many top competitors in so many sports started wearing some years ago.
You don't see those much anymore.

In the case of the nasal dilator strips, I can imagine they can work (although they apparently don't really make so much difference). But magnetic bracelets, necklaces, etc.? Gimme a break.

I'm not questioning magnet therapy when applied properly, i.e. based on actual scientific and medical data and diagnosis, and done by a trained professional to treat specific health problems (plus we're talking much stronger magnetic fields). I just don't buy the this-bracelet-will-restore-your-balance nonsense. I mean, how does the bracelet know in which direction my balance is thrown off?

If weak magnetic fields randomly applied to the human body did work wonders, entire generations that spent half their life in front of the CRT TV tube would need no medical attention
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