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Originally Posted by Keifers View Post
Good luck in the tournament. Will be very interested in your comments about these two racquets.
Thanks, and I won the tournament without dropping a set so these racquets must be good

200 tour: I was very impressed with this one and it really surprised me. Even though the swingweight is up there (353) it was really easy to move around. I wasn't hitting late and it was easier to take the ball off the rise (a la Davydenko style) because of the stability. I didn't feel like the racquet was pushed around at all and I played against a very heavy hitter when I used this. I got plenty of pop and spin with it from the baseline and was easy to change from defense to offense. Volleys were solid because of the high swing weight and it had a lot of touch and feel for drop volleys. I got plenty of pop and spin on my serves. This racquet is a must demo for Dunlop lovers.

100: I didn't like it at first so I added 4 inches of 1/4 lead tape (about 4 grams in total) at the 3 and 9 positions. I like it a lot after that. Groundstrokes had a ton of topspin and pace on them, but not as much pace as the 200 tour. I thought it was easy to move and could get more spin, but had to work for the pace where with the 200 tour the racquet did the work. Volleys were good but not as stable as the 200. Touch was about the same but if I was to play a lot of doubles
I would have to get stronger so I could control it at net better. Serves were amazing, just like what everyone says about it. It is one of the top serving sticks out there today.

I was really pleased with both and will play with them one last time tomorrow before I make my decision. I'll edit this post tomorrow if I find anything different.
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