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Originally Posted by naylor View Post
I've been using a full stringbed of hex 1.10 on my AG100s for about 9 months now. The official range is 55-65 but I read in one of the boards here that it should be more like 50-60. Anyhow, I started high (M-64, X-60) but it always felt a bit boardy, and always played at its best - for my liking - once it loosened up... but then it was only good for about a couple of hours till it went dead. So I started gradually lowering the tensions.

For the last four months, I have gone for M-54, X-50. At that setting, it feels terrific after a restring without any need for settling in.

I have also noted that at those tensions each stringjob seems to last longer than when I used to string 10 lbs. higher. Still, I think the danger is if you get used to playing with this string at lower tensions you can carry on playing OK even when the strings are quite dead, as I've just noticed - I just had all my frames done, and the difference between my previous hit with the old strings on Monday and today's was like chalk and cheese. Going forward, I think I'll go back to my old routine of restringing after 15-20 hrs. play.

I use poly to help generate a little extra spin, and for tight control. My game (c. 4.0 singles, 4.5 doubles) is S&V and allcourt, I hit reasonably flat and I'm not a stringbreaker. That's why I can get away with 1.10. I've had shoulder/elbow problems some years ago, so I guess it's with that in mind that I've ended up with a reasonably low tension setting - but it never bothered me even when I was stringing higher.
Go lower, you'll love it. Started at 52/50 with the 1.10 Hex and now at 35lbs. Loads of controllable power with no downside as far as I can tell.
Prince Response 97 with gut/poly@54/50
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