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Originally Posted by smirker View Post
Go lower, you'll love it. Started at 52/50 with the 1.10 Hex and now at 35lbs. Loads of controllable power with no downside as far as I can tell.
Interesting. When I started using the hex I used to automatically restring after 10-12 hrs. play, but now I keep the stringbed for at least 20 hrs.

I was playing a match with a frame right on the 20-hr mark, the courts were damp and the racket didn't feel good, so I switched to a fresh stringjob at my usual 54/50. But instead of having the "old" frame restrung I kept it and played another 3 hrs. with it, this time in dry conditions - and guess what? it felt pretty good still. As you say, extra power, but also very controllable with extra spin - I was playing doubles, and I could get that ball to dip wickedly as soon as it went over the net for winning passes. I checked the tension afterwards, and it was around 40 lbs.

I've noticed that the strings are beginning to move a bit, a sure sign they'll start sawing through and will break soon. Based on your comment, I may well try a fresh restring lower than the 54/50 I currently go for (quite simply, I started higher but gradually came down and stopped there because at that tension the strings feel good the moment the frame comes out of the bag, without any "fresh string-job" boardiness).

I'll probably try 50/46 and see how that plays out, in terms of extra power from the lower tension but with fresh "hex bits".
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