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Originally Posted by Wes_Loves_Dunlop View Post
maybe its just cause you suck and cant use it.
And you cant argue the fact that syn guts are the bottom of the string ladder. If you can't, you are an idiot. The only reason you think its good is because you're too poor to afford anything else.
Oh really? So what's at the top of the string ladder? Polyester? Or is it just whatever you use?

Lest you forget, tennis is a PERSONAL sport. What is junk for you is somebody else's gift to mankind.

And, just for future reference, your rhetoric is absolutely illogical. Your ad hominem attacks have no place in a logical argument. The use of such a childish device speaks wonders about you.

Throwing around insults at people on an ANONYMOUS board is incredibly childish, cowardly, and uncalled for. Stop flaming.
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