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Originally Posted by Keifers View Post
Congrats on winning the tournament -- and with new racquets, to boot. That's impressive.

Your comments on the 200 tour and the 100 mirror my experience pretty closely. For instance, yesterday, with my 200 tour, I volleyed away several very hard hit line drives with ease and with authority. My opponent was taken aback (and, later, quite complimentary). On groundies, dealing with pace or spin or both was no problem -- this racquet exhibits tremendous stability. Very confidence-inspiring.

Agree with your observations of the 100. That's why I'd love to see Dunlop introduce a tour version of that stick -- with more weight, evenly distributed.
Thanks man.

I'm sticking with the 200 tours. They're just more stable and that's what I need since I take the ball off the rise and I volley a lot. The weight is nothing to me and I can easily swing it for 3 sets no problem. If the 100 had the 200's specs but it kept the same string pattern and spacing I would easily switch to it. Dunlop better make one. I'll definitely post pics when I get them in a week or two, depends on how long Dunlop takes to get them to me.
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