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It's going to be a long shot trying to get FTC involve in this paintjob deception business. Why bother in the first place? Why this particular grudge against racket companies? If they don't carry out such marketing strategies, how are they going to promote and sell their new products? Its those professional player's careers we are talking about so often when we discuss about this. I mean put yourself in Safin's shoes, you are a tennis pro and having used a particular brand and model of racket for centuries, you would be most inclined to stick to your current stick rather to change it, am i rite? But then again in order to capitalize on your status and to try and continue your endorsement which will ultimately bring more limelight to their company, they simply have no choice but to carry out such deception. I'm damn sure if every company has a choice, they would rather not deploy such marketing tactics but again we ask what other choices do they have if they want to market their new technologies and products? Come on, there are even worse marketing tactics and strategies being used for other products and companies out there. So chill out and just enjoy the game!
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