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Originally Posted by gameboy View Post
Related topic, let's say my opponent hits a really high lob and while it is in the air, a lightning strikes it. But the ball lands in, but it does not bounce.

Who's point is it?

P.S. What if the lighting hits my partner while the ball is in the air, is it a let? Even better, my partner gets abducted by aliens using their tractor beam. but touches the ball while going up, is that legal?
1. The ball is broken during the point, so you should replay the point (1st serve).

2. A situation outside your partner's control hindered him, so the point should be replayed. Unfortunately, your partner would probably be unable to continue playing so you would have to retire from the match.

3. I think this would depend on whether or not the tractor beam hindered your opponents from playing the shot.
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