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Default ximian's ACL reconstruction journal

Hello everyone. I had the unfortunate pleasure of tearing my ACL about 4 weeks ago playing basketball. 10+ years of tennis with no hint of knee or ankle problems, then one month of basketball and here I am with a blown ACL. Don't do drugs, and don't do basketball kiddos!

Anyway, I'm going to chronicle my ACL surgery and physical therapy journal here since I'm sure I'm not the first and won't be the last tennis player to deal with an ACL tear. A little about me:

Pre-injury stats:

Age: 24
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160
Body Fat: < 10%
Playing level: Collegiate / Open Level

Injury details:

Clean ACL tear with the characteristic bone bruise. No Meniscus or MCL / PCL damage. I was on a fastbreak, and tried moving left and jumping off to the right to avoid a charge. As I jumped up I felt a pop down the right side of my right knee and hit the deck. Ice was on the injury literally 20 seconds after it happened. Just a dull pain, no swelling, and almost all ROM (range of motion). Next day there was a little bit of swelling, still no significant pain, just a dull throbbing feeling.

I visited an OS and he ordered an MRI. After a few weeks of waiting for insurance and such I took the MRI and got my results two days ago. Leading up to the MRI I was in a knee immobilizer when walking around or doing anything active.

Regain 100% confidence in the right knee. Take as much time as the knee needs to be completely rehabbed and strengthened. Then work on tennis and getting back into game shape. Tentative schedule puts my first time back on court likely around December / Jan.

Currently I'm shopping for a good surgeon and have two great options to choose from. I also need to decide what sort of reconstruction I want. I'm pretty sure a cadaver is out, so I'm trying to decide between a hamstring graft or patella tendon graft. I'm leaning toward the latter, and will make my final surgery and surgeon decision this Friday.

Wish me luck!
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