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Default Update on hex 1.10 @ lower tension 50/46

Yesterday I hit for 2 hrs. (doubles) with the lower set-up, and I'm sold on it - thanks for the tip, smirker.

The extra power helped when I was trying to flatten high forehands from the baseline, and also a couple of times on backhand topspin passes DTL on the move when I had to shorten the backswing and simply hit through the ball. And I also noticed some extra pace and action on serves.

But above all, the one shot I nailed yesterday was the short forehand putaway, where the opponent plays a block/slice with little on that bounces on the T but not too high. On those, I was stepping across from the ad service box, taking the ball early, and flicking them with both pace and topspin over the net and down towards the sidelines for clean winners, wrongfooting the opponent's partner moving towards their T to cover the down-the-middle shot.

If the stringjob lasts for 15 / 20 hrs., I'm onto a winner here!
AG100s:- MSV Hex 1.10 54/50
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