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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
I was watching Rafter do this often against Agassi in one of their great Wimbledon matches.
TC just showed their '01 semi. Per the ATP stats (which I think are mostly good after 2000), Agassi's second serve % was 68, higher than his first. Rafter had 75% on first and was way down at 46% on second despite winning the match.

So that's an odd match, the loser doing 22% better on second serve than the winner.

In their 2000 semi, the LA Times had this:

Both players served effectively, getting 61% of their first serves in with Agassi's winning percentage a tad better, 70-69%. Second serve winning percentage was the same at 58%. Rafter had the edge in winners, including service, 56-52. Rafter won 161 points, Agassi 157.
All that is pretty close to the ATP numbers.
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