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My brother tore his ACL swinging an easy 7I at the driving range. He opted for the patella tendon graft and did all the rehab. He did lose a slight bit of range of motion, but plays golf and tennis at a pretty high level (A4 ALTA Champions in 2008 ).

Sorry you're experiencing this. Knee injuries aren't fun. I injured mine three seasons in a row playing softball and spent six, eight, and twelve weeks in therapy. I have an attic full of crutches and knee braces to show for it. My wife made me swear off softball (but I still get to play tennis ). I never tore the ACL, but stretched it badly. When it snapped back into place, it formed a huge knot on the tendon. When reading the MRI, the doc thought it was some sort of tumor, only to get in there and find nothing but arthritis and gout.

Best wishes for a speedy, total recovery!
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