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Originally Posted by onehandbh View Post
Curious if those of you that had knee injuries were overweight
or carrying extra weight at the time of the injury?

Basketball seems to be like a wrecking ball for knees & ankles.
I've been lucky to only have 2 major ankle injuries from it.
Pretty much stopped a few years ago and decided to play
tennis again instead b/c I didn't want to risk getting gimpy again.

Yeah,...i've always been in very good shape,...and lean,....but about 30 years ago i was playing basketball,....planted a foot,..tried to pivot,....foot stayed....body pivoted,....ACL..."POP"!!!!!!!, better big problems till last fall,...blew it out again...(doing some wifes 'honeydo' list,......)....this year im playing tennis in a brace after doing physical therapy all winter.
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