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Originally Posted by Carlito View Post
I was (still am) 100% skeptical about these things but yesterday I saw some at a tennis club for $30. I tried it out and they did 3 test. The same ones you see on you tube. 2 were basically me standing there and they tried to knock me down. Without the braclet, I tip over easy. With it, they couldn't get me down.

The third test, I just twist my body around as far as I could to test flexibiliy. I could turn much farther with the braclet.

I can't explain it. The only thing I can think of was they pull you down different with and without it but I couldn't tell how. But that doesn't explain the flexibility test.

Again I am still very sceptical. Its probably a placebo effect but I just can't wrap my head around the results of the test. My friend did it also and same results.
A theory that many believe and makes sense to me is that the first time you do any of the tests you feel whats coming, then they put the bracelet on and do it again, but its not the bracelet thats helping you, its your body compensating cause it knows the push thats coming.

Same thing with flexibility. First time you stretch you can't go that far, try to touch your toes again the second time and you can.

Its odd, I don't really believe, but I still wear my trion z bracelet. Can't take it off, feels weird to me.
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