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Default First match in 10 years 4-6, 5-7

Ugh, what a frustrating day... I know I shouldn't expect much being my first match play in 10 years and not being in tennis condition, but I felt I could've done so much better!

Played with a high school coach of a rival high school - he really helped us out. My serve was fine in the first set, but then toward the end of the first set, the consequences of not being in condition set in - rubbery arms and legs, and chills. It was about 85 and sunny out.

We played a lefty girl and a righty guy...I hate playing a lefty! LOL I know, I feel how frustrating it is for rightys to play lefties. Made a stupid decision to receive in the ad court in the first set - my backhand is my strength and I couldn't get anything in with my forehand, especially as the guy had a great kick serve. 2nd set turned around as we switched sides and I didn't miss as many returns.

Serve failed me, but I think it was more because I was exhausted than anything. Definitely didn't give up though, went down fighting. Playing doubles next week as well (Not in singles shape yet!) We did win a few games on my serve though.

Oh well, live and learn, and get in condition!
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