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Originally Posted by MoDaisy View Post
1st I am very cautious about not making calls where I should'nt - If I am at the net I do not call the baseline, if I am ad side I do not call the deuce sideline, etc..etc..etc.. -I just feel like my partner has a better view so I simply refuse to make a call on those lines. Considering that, if I am not in the better position to make the call then how can I override my partner?

Do you trust your partner? Do you think your partner is cheating?

If your partner constantly makes bad lines calls and you think there is some cheating I would get a new partner. If your partner just makes bad line calls often because of human error - Well, have a talk prior to your next match and ask what they think you should do when you disagree.
^^ Agree, to the OP, your partner did not say she was going to cheat, she said she was going to call the ball out, maybe she saw it out? Normally I do not call on wide shots that are not on my side and I think the best is to go with the first call made and if you do not agree with your partner talk with her in private. There is no need to stop the play and correct your partner, it will look like you are trying to hard to be honest and you partner will look like a cheater. JMO.
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