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Default Switching to Lefty and Changing NTRP

I have been a 4.5 level player for the past 4 years playing right handed. I enjoy the competition. Over the past few years, I have really enjoyed playing lefty at times. I have a very different style of play. Right handed, I am a power baseliner camped in the back court. Left handed, I enjoy serving and volleying and while at the baseliner being more of a counter puncher. I am more creative playing lefty. Also, the points are longer and I get much more of a workout. Its a real mental and physical battle for me.

So, here's are my questions:

1. Is there a way to be rated 4.5 for righty and 4.0 for lefty so I can play in two different leagues?

I don't want to abandon my 4.5 teams, but I would really like the challenge of playing left handed next year.

2. If I can only choose 1 hand, is it possible to get moved down so I can play lefthanded?
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