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Default ACL surgery 20 years later

I commend you on getting a number of opinions. This is obviously an important decision. You want to be comfortable with the surgeon and the procedure.
I was in high school in 1990 when I also blew out my knee playing basketball. I wasn't in great shape, but definitely wasn't overweight either to address one post. Anyway, I had the patella tendon graft and wasn't given another option. The cadaver procedure was very new at the time.
The rehab was long and difficult. I had a pronounced popping in my knee that eventually required arthroscopic surgery to clean out scar tissue.
I lost some range of motion and jumping ability, but was able to return to sports with the help of a brace fairly quickly after the second surgery.
In the 20 years since, I've played competitive softball, taken karate for two years and just started playing tennis again last year (now at the 4.0 level).
My gait remains slightly off due to the injury, but I have no real problems with the knee. I play tennis three tiimes a week and haven't worn a brace since high school.
Interestingly, I was recently told by a prominent local orthopedic surgeon that my PCL was torn. He could tell by the alignment of my fibia and knee as a sat down.
This wasn't conveyed to me 20 years ago. It's not worth 'fixing' if it isn't a problem, according to the surgeon.
Like others have said, follow your rehab religiously but don't overdo it.
Hopefully, my situation and experience from the injury 20 years ago gives you some comfort.
Good luck.
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