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If I'm the weaker player:

On our serve, I won't poach as much since the other teams stronger player will likely hit harder and with more accuracy. On serve against weaker/equal player I will always try to poach gives us a chance for an easy point and puts the weaker player vs their stronger player out of the picture.

Let the better play rally and hit his money shots and then poach on sitters/floaters.

If I'm the stronger player:

Poach as much as possible with my partner serving.

I always hit to the weaker opponnet when possible and hit to the percieved weaker stroke if possible in USTA league/tornament matches as well as social matches. I want to win whenever I play and by hitting to the weaker side, I give my friends practice on their weaker shot.

Sometimes you can't tell who's the better player when you start so I just go for high percentage shots and we test each person's shots and go from there. Making adjustments is key when playing doubles.

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