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Auto manufactures have their name plastered all over cars and apparel in NASCAR but their fans are not naive enough to think that they can walk into a showroom and buy the same car with the same motor that was on the track Sunday. We don't hear race fans expressing surprise and outrage about the fact that those cars are custom made.

What should we realistically think about this? Racquet companies pay tennis players a bunch of money to "endorse" that company. The paint jobs on the player's racquets are there only to identify a player with that manufacturer, it is not a attempt to deceive anyone. The same goes for the string logos. What is it that you would like manufactures to do, create a different racquet line, with a different paint job for each player?

Pete Sampras, Tommy Haas and other pros have worn Nike Air Oscillates long after they were no longer available to the public. Did we think that they came off the shelf or are they customs?

When we buy a Jerry Rice football jersey, we don't think it is the same that he wears in the games. His are custom made. PGA golfers don't buy their clubs at Sport Mart they are all custom yet their is no outrage from golf fans! The other day I say a Ken Griffey Jr. baseball glove in a right-hander's model. What should I do, call the FTC?

Do you think that you can walk into a store and buy Lance Armstrong's bicycle?

What would happen if we found out that George Foreman was really a vegetarian? Should we demand refunds for millions of grilling machines?

**NEWSFLASH** If you play with Roger Federer's racquet, it will not make you play like Roger Federer!

When you want to buy a new frame, the first thing that you should do is to know your current racquet very well. Then, know what kind of performance you would like in your new frame compare to your old. Then, demo a few that fit that criteria and buy the ones that suit YOUR game the best and have fun.
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