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eMail Nascar and tell them their drivers aren't really using the Chevy Monte Carlo, Ford Taurus, and Dodge Stratus.

Show me a ford or chevy or whatever commercial webpage that has a picture of nascar drive or whoever in their "ford taurus" ,and beside it have a specification list giving you the specs of a production "ford taurus", and then underneath it claim that "above car is used by so and so" or "the car that won the daytona 500".


The juniors today will play with the LM Prestige because they think their favorite pros are playing with that racquet. Five years down the road when they become pros, they will still be playing with the LM

I disagree. For example since you talking about Head, I am pretty sure no pro player in the future, good enough for an endorsement and paintjob, will ever be playing with a Ti.Radical, and i.Radical, or a LM radical. I doubt you can even return a pro kick serve with a sub 11oz or near 11 oz racquet. It is not obviously easy to figure out fact, and I for one didn't know until i came on these messageboards and found out the true weights of these pro racquets, that's why they can get away with it.


It's going to be a long shot trying to get FTC involve in this paintjob deception business.

Well you're right its a deception business. Call me old fashioned, but I don't think "intentionally painting your product so as to fool people into thinking its something else" is necessary in order to beef up revenues. I'm sure you will find many examples of marketing where they don't do this and the world didn't fall apart and the whole industry won't die. People will still buy racquets, even the grandpa ones.
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