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Originally Posted by CrispyFritters View Post
Combo season is starting up for the USTA. Just wondering if people have different strategies for combo vs playing partner of similar level.

For thought:
- Do you defer any shots to the higher rated player?
- Should you hit to the opponent's weaker player?
- Do you ignore rating and just play?

Just wondering what you guys/gals are thinking....
Yes and no. I always play to win, so in doubles the goal is always to maximize the effectiveness of the team, whatever it takes. When playing with uneven skill quality (an extremely common occurance) you have a few things going for you: 1) the better player had zero mental/emotional pressure since regardless of how the match turns out, their ego can always blame their partner, 2) against 90% of opponents you know what their strategy will be, namely hit it to the weaker player and once you know what they are going to do, you can overcompensate for that and turn it to your advantage.
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