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Default Federer "gamesmanship" and Nadal gamesmanship+cheating were not the same.



Federer's "gamesmanship" did not involve faking two injuries.

Federer's "gamesmanship" was simply going to the bathroom. He took a long time, yes. But this disrupted his own already poor rhythm, and in-fact, he was broken in his second service game.

The reason Federer won his match at the AO was because of this

its already linked for your conveniece.

That backhand miss was the turning point in the match. Cahill and Gilbert both spoke about it ( i will try to find this)

__________________________________________________ _______________

Lets talk about Nadal and his gamesmanship and cheating:

Nadal called out the trainer at around 5-4 in the third set complaining of pain in his bicep/forearm. Ok, perfectly acceptable. The trainer is waived off because treatment will begin after the end of the set. Ok, that seems fair, doesnt want to distrupt the rhythm of the match.

Nadal calls trainer out at 2-1 with PP serving. This time the "injury" is in his knees. which one is it. There is no treatment for the forearm injury and only the knees are treated.

Later we find out later that during the MTO, Nadal is given a silent warning that he needs to stop being coached. Nadal complains and tells his box to stfu.

After the MTO, Nadal breezes through the set and PP can barely get a first serve in

Fifth set, Nadal gets a code violation for illegal on court coaching.

So what do we see from this match. Gamesmanship is ok. Players should be able to overcome it. If Federer did commit gamesmanship, Davy overcame it and broke him but later choked.

Nadal's gamesmanship is fine too, although i dont like it because he does it in every match (fist pump UE, taking extra time between changeovers, serves). However, Nadal literally cheated today. He was caught red-handed and i want nadal-*****, like CMM and babbbete to admit it.
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