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Originally Posted by LeoR View Post
Do you want a kleenex or something?

Classless thread I find. You are excusing someone who has admitted taking a time out for his own advantage and accusing someone who pulls out of the Davis Cup because he is concerned with his knees.
where has nadal admited this?

only thing i found was this

The German questioned Nadal's injury breaks.
"You have to ask him what it was. But I didn't feel any difference afterwards or before. I thought he was moving great. I only could say if I would be injured like this once I would be happy. I don't know. Maybe he had something. Maybe it was just a clever part to take a time-out there."

Nadal denied any gamesmanship.
"I never call the physio when I don't have nothing, not one time in my career," he said. "If I call the physio today, it was because it was bothering me a lot, the knee."

oh so rafa tell me about the bicep issue that you had?
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