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Default Blisters

Hey everyone. I was playing in a tennis tourney Saturday and I ended up playing 5 matches. When I was getting ready to go in the morning, I was GOING to bring more socks, but decided against it. Dumb. I played 5 matches, 3 of em went 3 sets, and my feet were literally squishing in my shoes by the 5th match.

My heels (The socks I DID bring were low rise and had snuck beneath my shoe, leaving my shoe to rub against the skin on the back of my ankle) are blistered. It hurts to wear shoes. I'm working my midnight job right now, getting off at 7 in the morn, and playing after a quick 2 hour power nap.

Tomorrow I have a mixed doubles semi, and hopefully a mixed final. What would you guys suggest I do about my tenderfeet?

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