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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
Nadal yell out "shut up" was an attempt to tell the umpire that it's not his fault, but his uncle. I know what he's up too. He wants coaching, but when getting caught, he act as if he didn't want it but his coach is to blame. Rafa is really slick, you know that.

You expect rafa to call EVERY injury timouts when he's down is a solid proof? No, there's number of matches that he did the same thing yesterday. And that's good enough evidence to prove out point. Plus, none of the timeout were never called when he's up 2 set to 0. Wonder why???
but if memory serves me correct, he was winning 4-1 at wimby 07 before he called his trainer, right? I mean yes he was down 2 sets to 1 but he was winning the 4th rather easily and the momentum was with him. I havent see this match in a while though so i am not sure. So is calling your trainer when you are up 4-1 and the momentum is with you "cheating" as well?
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