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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
There's no evidence of him having problem with his knee(and his arm). After the timeout,hHe played better and Petzchner was never the same guy. That's the fact.
How do you know this? Are you Nadal?

Did it ever occur to you that PP played worse because his serve was already starting to go, before Nadal's MTO? He nearly got broken in his first service game in the fourth, saving 2 BP's.

And what would it take for you to definitely say "yes this guy clearly has something bothering him in his arm or quad" ?

I hope you do know that most MTO's are for minor things but that can bother the player at hand. Your arm shouldn't be falling off and your leg shouldn't be broken for you to call the trainer. If it is anything major, you have to retire or risk further injury.

I wonder what people's reaction would be if Nadal would serve, get broken, have his arm checked out and then his opponent would gift the re-break. It would probably be an outrage still.
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