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Originally Posted by namelessone View Post
WIMBLEDON, England (AP) -Victor Hanescu has been fined $15,000 by Wimbledon officials after a spitting incident in his third-round match.The Romanian was fined $7,500 Saturday for unsportsmanlike conduct after swearing and spitting in the direction of hecklers in the crowd. He was fined an additional $7,500 for not using ``best efforts'' at the conclusion of Friday's match against Germany's Daniel Brands.The Romanian foot-faulted and served a series of double-faults in the final game of his match before retiring while trailing 0-3 in the fifth set. He said he had a leg muscle injury.Hanescu has 10 days to appeal.

Kinda harsh if you ask me. How come the umpire isn't punished for not taking any action against those punks?
Poor guy, I always liked his attitude. Calm, quiet, and looks like a very nice guy as well. He's always very respectful to his opponents and always tries his best. To guys like Fed and Nadal, $15000 is nothing, but to the lower ranked players it can be a painful amount of money to be taken. Umpire should get punished for doing squat when Hanescu clearly complained, more than once, and he was clearly being abused by those punks in the crowd.
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