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Originally Posted by TheTruth View Post
Yeah, I do, and imo, he did. He clearly said it, but the excuse around here is he was only kidding. That's rich.

I mean, c'mon this is the guy who when a teenaged Nadal first came on the scene was making some pretty snippy comments regarding his game and his "tactics." So, if you think I think he's a ******* of virtue, you're mistaken. I remember this incident and the toenail clipping incident against Tipsarevic. And there was also the one match where he stopped the momentum to get his feet taped, and on the next change of end stopped the match to get the tape taken off. You remember that? So when it comes to gamesmanship your boy is just as bad as any other pro other. Some of you just refuse to see it.

And biased opinions, what's odd about a guy who's always injured taking a medical timeout? What's so unusual about that?

An astute observer can see Petzschner was beginning to lose it in the fourth set.

I don't know why they did that to p a r a g o n. Weird.
What Federer said about Nadal's game once upon a time was dirty, and its a valid point to bash Federer over. However, this has nothing to do with the topic, which is labled "cheating". You have every right to think Fed cheated against Davy (I disagree), but if you think he cheated and at the same time you think Nadal's tactics yesterday were clean - that I cannot understand. You can't have it both ways.
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