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Originally Posted by P_Agony View Post
What Federer said about Nadal's game once upon a time was dirty, and its a valid point to bash Federer over. However, this has nothing to do with the topic, which is labled "cheating". You have every right to think Fed cheated against Davy (I disagree), but if you think he cheated and at the same time you think Nadal's tactics yesterday were clean - that I cannot understand. You can't have it both ways.
I've called no one a cheater anywhere in my posts. I don't do that.

I likened the two incidences as examples. I think it's totally plausible for Nadal to take an injury timeout considering his injuries.

I remember the bathroom incident, but wasn't posting at the time. When I go and look back during that period I see two threads about the bathroom incidents, and the same morally outraged posters who decry Nadal as a cheat, laughing Fed's antics off.

I'm not the one trying to have it both ways. Far from it.
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