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Originally Posted by a verrry large duck

Well you're right its a deception business. Call me old fashioned, but I don't think "intentionally painting your product so as to fool people into thinking its something else" is necessary in order to beef up revenues. I'm sure you will find many examples of marketing where they don't do this and the world didn't fall apart and the whole industry won't die. People will still buy racquets, even the grandpa ones.

Perhaps you can come up with a perfect marketing plan for them racket companies? What'd you expect them to do? Have Wilson to allow Federer to continue using the PS 85 w/o the Tour 90 & Ncode paint? Let's be a little bit more realistic here, these businesses exists to make money & profits, and if possible thru any means that will entice ppl to buy their products, period! Lets face it, this is the real world we live in, if one racket company doesn't use such marketing tactics, others will do it and will gladly take over its market share. And seriously, if you want to blame anyone, you can take it up to those tennis pros and see how they respond to you in kind for trying to mess up their endorsement contracts....
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