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Originally Posted by fedfan08 View Post
There's only been one match where Fed has taken a time out (MTO or otherwise) where he's won the match - 2008 AO against Tipsy. Every other match he lost. The 2005 AO SF against Safin - Fed said a few months later his feet were bothering him so bad (not sure if it was blisters or something else) that he wasn't sure he'd have been able to play the final if he won. And the match against Murray at 2008 TMC in between games Fed would sit next to the linespersons/ball kids because his back was bothering him so much. And I believe in that match he walked over to Murray and personally let him know he was taking an MTO for his back. Perhaps that was all gamesmanship, but if it was it didn't work.
If I remember correctly, Fed was recovering from an ankle he sprained in practice but that was known for quite a while before... if it's the right time I'm thinking of
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