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Originally Posted by TheTruth View Post
Amazing, and they still don't see how they come off. Roger actually admitted it, but somehow they twist it into something else.

I guess he would have to pan to the camera and say, "To my fans at TW, I really did cheat. Seriously." Lol!
He did say that, he said that his actions were intentional because he was about to lose his @$$ and could not handle it.

They want to make believe that Roger has done this type of cheating less, so he is some how better.

Earth to ****s, when you cheat you are a cheater period! And forever, you guys need to stop painting yourselfs in a corner.

Even if it is only once, there is no "oh well once is ok, but twice!" BS,

Further more, both players called injury time outs, making them equal cheaters.

They are all cheaters DEAL WITH IT!
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